A Very Testosterone Filled Day

Yesterday was a very, very testosterone filled day. It started out with several games of paintball (see above photo), roughly 6 hours worth if we’re counting time. From there we all went for showers before watching rugby (possibly the most testosterone filled sport- think American football without pads). The rugby game was Scotland vs. England, meaning that it was a pretty big game. The men I was hanging around with were all still pretty full of post-paintball adrenaline and weren’t pleased with Scotland’s loss. In fact one guy got so mad he stormed out of the room for five minutes to cool down. When he returned, drinks began flowing quicker. All the better to ease the pain of losing, my dear. Simply enough, it was a poorly mixed night: tequila, Sambucca, whiskey beer, wine, Bacardi, etc, etc. So it got pretty damn messy pretty damn quickly.

Today has not gone well for me because of this. Sorry for the pitiful post. This is all I’ve got at the moment.