That is quite a good question, isn’t it? What is this all about? Well, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

There once was a girl from the Midwest who lived on horror stories. She’d been cursed at birth with an imagination that would not stop. The horror stories helped as an outlet for her imagination. Scary, funny and disturbing, she loved them all the same, and they took her and her unstoppable brain off in far-away journeys. Her bedroom was littered with Goosebumps and ancient mythological tales and urban stories even from a young age. That is, until an evil family of mice came into her room one day and ate through her entire collection of books, nesting within the place where her imagination had once roamed.

So she said to herself, well now what? It had taken a lot of effort, time and money to collect all those books in the first place. Her finances wouldn’t allow her to collect again at the same rate as her imagination moved. She would be stuck in a bog, unable to live through the stories like she once had done. It would be miserable. It would be unthinkable. So she began telling herself stories, and building them up in her head. They were almost better than books, because they were her own and she knew all the characters. As if they were whispering their stories straight into her brain. Secret stories no one else knew.

The curse came to completion when her parents, kindly, bought her a computer for Christmas one year. The stories poured from her fingers like water, building and growing and getting better with each new creation. Until she finally finished a few stories, and they were big enough to become novels, and she wanted to share her creations with the world, so she reached out for help and found out about blogs and knew that here she could interact with a world she’d never come across otherwise. As if the blog-o-sphere was the same imaginary outlet as her stories, but where the people actually did exist and could help her get better, or just listen and say if things were good, or become friends. Where they could all share their stories together.

That’s what this is all about.


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