Well, good golly Miss Molly, I never would have imagined editing could be such bleeding hard work! You get to the end of writing a novel and think, hell’s yeah, I’ve just finished! I have created something and brought it into the world! There’s only a little way more to go so that it can (hopefully) get published.


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Editing properly appears to be taking a little bit longer that writing it did. What’s that you say, ‘impossible’? Apparently not. And worse than that, I think all writers out there know that writing in and of itself is fun. The escapism reading a book offers is exponentially increased when you have all the control you could ever hope for. But editing? Blah! Tedious, dull and repetitive.

I think Regina Spektor’s song, ‘Edit’, provides a good view of the way it feels to be editing so that’s why it’s hanging about up there. If anyone has any words of encouragement please feel free to share. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this!

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