Disappeared for a bit…

Unfortunately, my grand plan to release the first story to feature on this site along the timescale promised was catastrophically undermined by my evil ex-bestie. Some people, eh? Well, some people hold grudges, and that’s all about the extent of the up and down on that little topic.

To be more detailed, apparently being honest and mentioning that you and your boyfriend are planning on moving in together instead of suffering another winter in a blindingly cold flat featuring cracked windows, drafts and a potentially mean ghost can cause others to behave in an alarmingly bizarre manner. Symptoms of such an over-reaction can include disappearances to another country for 2 weeks unexpectedly, moving into another flat without telling your best friend and flatmate, permitting a random stranger to reside in a spare room without mention to said flatmates and/or taking everything (including internet connection and television) without a word. Strange people in strange times.

So therein lies the reason behind my unexpected change in plans. However, fear not, for internet has been restored and a small collection of stories has been built up in the period within which this has taken place. So yay!

Next week, expect the long-awaited short story featuring monsters, a girl and the darkness. What more can you want?

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