Hello World!

Indeed a fitting post title for a brand new blog! Hello world!

BeckyAnne13.wordpress.com is a blog entitled Vampires and Demons and Werewolves, Oh My! The hint about what it will cover is in the title, my dearies. Who doesn’t love a good bit of monster gore, sometimes with a little love/hate thrown into the mix? Let’s face it, monsters are hot- in more than one way. Intellectually, let’s say monsters reflect dominant concerns of the culture within which they are created, or modified (Dracula vs. True Blood anyone?). Of course, then there’s the fact that they are hot hot hot at the moment! Everywhere you turn there’s one monster or another popping up. Finally, anyone who has seen/read any recent monster media knows that they are just plain sexy- for now.

Being that I’m from the good old KS, the title fits. The Wizard of Oz is the most popular thing about Kansas, unless you are an uber-nerd in which case Superman might take over instead. If you are an uber-nerd, not to worry. I am as well.

So there we have it, gentle reader, the premise for this website and this weekly blog. Urban fantasy meets the mysterious midwest meets my computer and slightly twisted brain, and here we are. Oh my indeed!

Tuesdays will be the day of reckoning here. I believe this will do nicely as a little introduction to the world between yourself and myself. I wait anxiously for our next meeting on Tuesday… it will, I believe, bear into the world a short story. Good luck and sweet dreams.

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